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The Artist

Michael Norice

Norice was born in Watts. During the early to late 80s, Michael and his family endured poverty and homelessness while being surrounded by drugs and gang violence. Although difficult, Michael used those troubling times as a springboard for what he would accomplish and who he would become. 

Michael has now been creating art for over thirty years. Although naturally gifted in drawing and painting, his drive for excellence led him to seek extensive professional training in graphic design as well as painting techniques including realism and oils. 

Michael began speaking at schools in inner city communities about the importance of education and career building. He has received numerous awards for his art from the City of Los Angeles and is the first African-American to paint a mural in the city of Carson. 

Multiple Mike Norice murals can be found through out the City of Los Angeles and surrounding communities. In addition to commissioned installations, Michael started the non-profit Artfully United in 2017, offering murals in otherwise disadvantaged areas to initiate a positive vibe.


His vision for Artfully United is for the enlightenment of the residents, and to appeal to their own ambitions. One wall reads FORGIVENESS, which was publicized by the LA Times. You'll also find LOVE, HOPE, BELIEVE and other walls throughout the city, all offered as gifts to the often-marginalized communities of Los Angeles.


Norice enjoys giving back to the community and speaking with children on matters of self-education and following their own paths of curiosity. 

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