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4 out of 20 of the Artfully United Tour — BELIVE is about continuing to believe in yourself in order to achieve anything.

BELIEVE is located on Kelso and Hillcrest in Inglewood. This message is about believing in yourself. A lot of people in the community lost hope and belief in ourselves with the economy, gentrification, and eveything that has happened in the last 30 years. Ironically, this message is facing a bank. In the process of painting the mural a lady came up to the artist Michael Norice and told him this was the message she needed to receive in that moment after receiving discouraging news at the bank.

For the unveiling ceremony there was a collabaration from Bible Enrichment Fellowship International Church, East Side Riders, the City of Inglewood, to bring the community together where the mayor and the senator were also in attendance. Two awards were received for this mural one from the State Assembly and another from the Senator's Office.

Power in Numbers

Kelso & Hillcrest Blvd


Jul 13, 2019

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