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1 out of 20 of the Artfully United Tour — FORGIVENESS the first mural of the Artfully United tour was inspired by the desire to start healing in our communities.

FORGIVENESS is located on Slauson and Hoover. The first mural of the Artfully United tour. Michael Norice, the artist behind the message was inspired by the desire to start healing in our communities. Michael says, "From a spiritual perspective I wanted forgiveness, because you either have to forgive yourself or others. Forgiveness represents the start of healing. We have to heal mentally before we can start receiving all of the acalades of life and it all begins with forgiveness."

Initially, the owner of the building was hesitant with the design of the mural. They wanted more art and had a different idea for the wall. Half way through the completion the building owner wanted to take it down. The project had to stop for a month. Norice negotiated a contract with the owner to have the mural up for three months before being taken down. Once the mural was completed, there were so many positive affirmations and the owner benefited from a lot of new business and decided to keep it.

Since the inception of this mural, Norice has received various testimonies from people who have been impacted by the message. It has been a symbol of therapy for those who have been trying to commit suicide. One man messaged Norice and shared how he came across the wall and broke down when he saw the message and realized this was a message God wanted him to see as he was on his way to commit suicide. This wall has now become a positive pillar and landmark of the community.

You can find this mural featured on:

"You People" on Netflix

"All American" on Netflix

"Forgiveness in black and white: A mural makes a positive point in South LA" in the Los Angeles Times

Power in Numbers

Slauson & Hoover


Dec 13, 2016

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