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10 out of 20 of the Artfully United Tour — HARMONY arose as a symbol of unity in a community affected by gang vandalism, with the support and collaboration between multiple community organizations.

HARMONY is located in the heart of the heart of Compton. It was requested by the pastor of Greater Union Baptist Church because he was disheartened to see the wall of his church covered with graffiti by local rival gangs. They stated that every time they painted over the graffiti, the wall would get written on again within the next day or so.

According to one of the pastor’s at the church,“This cat and mouse game has been going on for over a decade." Once we met and actually saw the church in person, we instantly knew that they needed much more than just a positive message mural that covered up the graffiti. They needed some level of understanding with the locals in that area. From that point on we started to reach out to our gang intervention networks, Crossroads and Cease Fire, in order to get some sort of communication. It wasn’t easy, but we reached a level of understanding with the locals.

For this project it was also very important to get collaboration in the creation of the design. Compton Youth Build became an intregral part of the design, message, and intervention startegy. Their contributions played a big part of the mural and what it stands for.

Since the mural has been up, the church has passed a record number of weeks

with no graffiti.This unveiling ceremony is not just another Artfully United unveiling,

but also an introduction of Greater Union Baptist church to

this community. With our line of communication, dedication, and message, this mural will be a symbol of unity in this community for decades to come.

Power in Numbers

Cedar St & Tamarind Ave


Dec 15, 2022

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