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11 out of 20 of the Artfully United Tour — HONOR serves as a symbol of a code of ethics amongst the community members in this area

The Crenshaw district has been a legendary street/area within the legacy of LA culture. From Lowriding, cruising, hanging out with friends, and clubs/nightlife to violence, gangbanging, drug dealing, and homicides. Whether you think of it as good or bad, this Crenshaw Street has some sort of permanent residency in everyone's minds that live in Los Angeles. Artist Mike Norice wanted the viewers of this mural to be reminded that no matter what, we always need to HONOR one another. In the streets, a code of honor and respect are probably the 2 highest characteristics that a person can hold to maintain their credibility.

This Character Powerful Paul holds a blue manor balloon that keeps him afloat as he allows the wind to dictate his next destination. The reflection of the balloon is a mirror image of the mural wall.

Located on the side of Crenshaw Storage

Power in Numbers

Crenshaw and 68th st


Aug 2, 2023

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